ADCS ACTIVITIES - For most, membership is Required

Yearly ADT Series

Arizona Driving Trials

These are a series of usually one day events held at various locations throughout the year. 

Competitors earn year end points towards awards at the end of the series. Each year, the Series can include 4 to 6 separate events.

Competition includes a 

  • Dressage Test
  • Cones Course
  • Obstacles/


Other Combined Driving Events

Since 1986, shortly after this Club was formed, ADCS offered a Combined Driving Event each year for the next 30 years. Usually these were recognized 3-day events (CDE), with a few 2-day HDT formats here and there. Our wonderful venue was Goree Farms in Coolidge, AZ.

Currently, we are attempting to reestablish this tradition at a new venue and eventually plan to offer recognized events again.

Pleasure Shows

A Pleasure Driving Show generally includes "rail" classes, where all competitors in a class (classes can vary by breed, hitch, equine size, etc.) are in an arena at the same time and display various paces while being judged on turnout, way of going, reinsmanship or other specified factors..

In addition, shows often include other classes where individual entries negotiate various patterns or a course for a "time" or for points. The "score" then determines the placings in that class.

Driving Clinics


ADCS offers Driving Clinics in several locations a few times a year. Please check Calendar of Events for any upcoming clinics.

Some of our members are driving instructors who offer lessons, clinics, and evaluation of horses for the discipline of driving. Contact  us for more information if you are looking for an instructor, and check the Calendar, under Other Events of Interest, for any clinic offerings we know about that are non-ADCS sponsored.

General Membership Meeting/Awards Banquet


Held during December each year, the membership gathers to enjoy a dutch treat meal and to present the awards for the current ADT Series. A fun gift exchange closes out the year.



ADCS produces an informative Newsletter, usually monthly during the AZ driving season, and less frequently during our slow season. The Newsletter is emailed to the Membership.

Members may list classified ads and a Business Listing for free and display ads at a nominal price. 

Non-members are also welcome to advertise with us for a fee. Contact  our Newsletter editor for more information on Advertising