HDT and CT Results chart

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2019 HDT/CT Results (pdf)


High Desert HDT/CT- Information

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EVENT INFORMATION (Quick Link to Event Course Maps, etc.)

This is a "formal" Combined Driving Event. While not ADS recognized, most ADS rules will be followed. That means "Presentation" will be judged as part of the dressage tests. See the ADS Rule Book for all the rules. Check out the Combined Driving Section. Note: Unlike our ADT events, time inside the hazards will not be used for anyone at Training Level, but time for the entire marathon course will count for all. Turnout at this event is NOT casual, as it is at an ADT.

Event Dates: 

HDT - Oct. 12-13, 2019.   Dressage and Cones on Saturday / 5 K and 5 Obstacle Marathon (Section B only ) on Sunday.  **ADT year end points available.

CT - Oct. 12, 2019.  Dressage and Cones on Saturday, no Marathon section, one day only. This is a separate event from the HDT, and not eligible for **year-end points.. This option is offered to encourage entries where the driver/equine combination may not wish to participate in the five (5K/5 obstacle) marathon.

Venue Location: Butterfield’s Long Meadow Ranch, 12465 N. Tonto Rd,  Prescott, AZ 86305

+ Google Map    Download Driving Directions Below in the Event Downloads Section

Head Judge: Hardy Zantke.  Side Judge: Lois Whittington.  

TD and Cones Judge: Wayne Kramer

Cones Course Designers: Trish Demers and Wayne Kramer

Dressage Tests for CT and HDT  40 X 80 Arena for All

Training Level - ADS Training Test #3 with Presentation on the Move 

Preliminary Level - ADS Preliminary Test #4 with Presentation on the Move

Intermediate Level - ADS Intermediate Test #4

**ADT Year End Points: Due to the fact that the ADT at this site is being replaced by this HDT/CT, and because of fewer ADT events this year than is usual, points will be awarded for final class placings at this event in the HDT portion only, and both participation and placing points will also be doubled. Classes available should mirror the classes offered for an ADT, and one should choose the same class as previously chosen for the ADTs for points to accumulate in that same class. Exception: As Advanced level is not being offered, anyone previously entered in an ADT this year at the advanced level will need to compete at Intermediate, and points earned at this event will be added to those already earned-you  will not be considered as a new class entry combination.

Additional Information from Barb Butterfield:

The marathon / obstacle course, scheduled for the morning of Oct. 13, will be wide and sweeping to take advantage of some of the natural features and trees and to encourage your equine for a big “go.” Times and route for the marathon will be adjusted for VSE entries.

Peter Atonna will be mapping cones and obstacles for later posting on our website. Wayne, as technical delegate, will be available for questions from drivers until one hour after completion by the last entry in the cones competition on the 12th and on the 13th, for one hour after the last turnout has completed the obstacles course. 

We have expanded "AZ Oasis" obstacle  so there are two ponds, well really

a pond and puddle, and more possibilities for interesting routes. A land route is, of course, provided for Training level competitors.

Hazards practice will closed by day’s end on October 4th. "Native Land" is included in the obstacles course and, will be available for you to lead (without cart or carriage) your equine through. This arrangement is made to be sure anyone concerned that their equine might want to meet the metal animals first,  has a chance to do so. This exception will end at dusk the day before the HDT. A warm up field will be available beside the dressage arena.

The organizing team this year includes Butterfield – event host; Karen Austermiller co-host and volunteer coordinator; and Trish Demers, design and course manager; Linda Smith - event secretary; Linda Russell and Syd Sale–scorers; and Marge Rhodes – property and equipment manager.

Williamson Valley Fire Department will provide “on-call” emergency services. We will have a veterinarian on call as well. Most important is that you have a fun and safe time. The last few years have seen no accidents, personal or equine injuries for which we are very thankful. None-the-less, it’s good to have the EMT coverage. We thank the firefighters for their continuing support of this event.

We have planned for open use of the facility; turnouts will be welcome on site beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 9th for dry camping and trail/dressage/ or National Forest driving. On Saturday from 4pm to 7pm, Oct. 12th, a party will be held on the tennis court with music by the Ping Brothers. 

A BBQ main course will be provided. Bring something to share and BYO. Neighbors

will be invited to the BBQ and to meet you and your equines if you are agreeable. Some of the neighbors may ask you questions and you might find them wandering around the course. We want to especially thank two neighbors – the Nels (Allen and Nadine) and the Harbicts ( John and Abby) for making their lands available so we can hold the marathon and therefore the HDT. Please take advantage of the opportunity to introduce yourself and let them know how much we appreciate their participation.

Food on site, both days, will provided by Cici’s concession. Judges, required officials, and noncompetitor volunteers be will be provided $5 lunch tickets in thanks for their volunteer assignments.

October weather in Prescott at Long Meadow Ranch can be warm during the day with crisp mornings and evenings. Rains generally end by mid-September, so this event should present few natural challenges.

Event Downloads will appear here when available

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Directions to Butterfield's (pdf)


2019 HDT Cones Course (pdf)


2019 HDT Marathon Course Map (jpg)


Marathon Obstacles small (pdf)